Special Issue


Guest Editors:
Martin Obschonka, University of Amsterdam
Moren Lévesque, York University
Frédéric Ooms, HEC Liège
Jeffrey M. Pollack, NC State University
Denis A. Grégoire, HEC Montréal
Tara S. Behrend, Michigan State University
Boris Nikolaev, Colorado State University

Two-step Submission Process

  1. Authors are invited to submit proposals at any time (final deadline for proposal submissions: January 31, 2026; early submissions encouraged).
  2. Full papers (invited based on successful proposals) will be reviewed on a rolling basis (early submissions encouraged, preferably within 6 months after proposal submission).
  3. All submissions (proposal and full paper) through ETP manuscript central system (https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/etp)

AOM Chicago 2024 PDW - The AI Disruption of Entrepreneurship: A Setback or Breakthrough for Innovation? Research Incubator

Organizer: Frédéric OomsHEC Liège – Management School of the U. of Liège
Organizer: Moren LevesqueYork U.
Organizer: Boris NikolaevColorado State U.
Organizer: Martin ObschonkaU. of Amsterdam
Organizer: Francesco FerratiU. of Padova
Organizer: Phillip H. KimBabson College

This PDW aims to spark a conversation and build a community that will serve as a catalyst for critical and much needed dialogue on the implications of AI for the fields of entrepreneurship and innovation. The workshop will take a developmental approach to identify the most pressing research questions, plan concrete study designs, and discuss how the research community and research process at large can be promoted in this field. To these ends, the workshop is designed to connect scholars interested in the intersection of AI and entrepreneurship, which we view as an important foundational step in creating a vibrant community of scholars interested in this topic. We seek to foster a community that is invested in understanding what AI means for entrepreneurship practice and research, collectively shaping the direction of future research, and to also offer a creative space for brainstorming ideas through a research incubator. This format is chosen to promote active collaboration and networking among participants, laying the groundwork for a shared vision on the future of AI in entrepreneurship research, and forming new networks and communities.